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The 2022 ranking exercise proceeded in nine steps

Step 1: Setting up of the National Universities Ranking Advisory Committee (NURAC) and University Ranking Committees. The two made up the 2022 Ranking Technical Committee.

Step 2: Meeting of the 2022 Ranking Technical Committee to review the 2021 rankings and agree on the indicators/metrics for the 2022 rankings. Sixteen indicators were approved for 2022.

Step 3: Setting up of the data collection platform and invitation of universities to submit data.

Step 4: Five rounds of validation and re-validation of data by members of the Technical Committee to ensure data integrity and credibility.

Step 5: Trial run of data analysis and review by the Technical Committee

Step 6: Meeting of the General Assembly (made up of VCs and members of the Ranking Technical Committee) to review and approve draft results. There were six meetings of the General Assembly which received briefings throughout the process. The General Assembly offered advice to the Technical Committee to guide its operations.

Step 7: Presentation of draft results to the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission.

Step 8: Consideration and approval of draft results by NUC Management.

Step 9: Publishing of approved results.